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Safety & Security
We at TG Terminals Pvt. Ltd. believe that healthy, safety, security and environment are essential for our organization and for our fellow employees and their families, our esteem customers, visitors, contractors and transporters. We also believe that HSSE related issues can be preventable through an effective HSSE Management System.

We are committed to provide a secure and safe working environment by safe guarding ourselves, our assets, and our business against any risk of injury, loss or damage from criminal or any acts. It is our basis duty and our commitment to give our best in terms of service to our valued customer by effectively monitoring our performance and setting high standard of operation.

This requires our commitment for:
Establishing an effective HSSE and its related management system
Compliance with local regulation to meet accepted good practices
Providing and maintaining a safe & secure working environment
Protecting employees, contractors, customers and visitors and its surroundings
Encouraging a preventive action culture wherever risk is identified

We will accomplish these commitments by:
Ensuring that all our employees, contractors and others are well informed, well trained, engaged and committed to the
  HSSE improvement process.
Providing an appropriate health and safety training for the employees at different levels on need basis.
Effective implementation of the measures outlined above by periodical and continued review.
Employee’s participation through safety committee having representatives from within the organization as well as from key
Maintaining public confidence in the integrity of our operations. We will openly report our performance and consult with
People outside of the company to improve our understanding of external and internal HSSE issues associated with our
Providing and using correct personal protective equipment to maintain safe working environment.
Reporting HSSE issues and near-miss incidents on day to day basis and taking appropriate corrective and preventive
Encouraging our staff to be mentally tough and physically fit by regular physical exercises and annual medical checkup.
By identifying high risk areas through risk assessments followed by implementation of preventive actions.